Epsilon Alpha Recruitment 2011 Work Week and Recruitment Dates


Here are the dates for work week and recruitment! We apologize for leaving that tidbit out of our email! Please contact us for any help you want to provide for treats and snacks and if you would like to assist behind the scenes!

Contact Jeanie Butts at jeanieb59@aol.com or 650-5105.

July 28th – skit girls move in

August 1st – sophomores move in

August 2nd – juniors move in

August 4th – seniors move in

August 4th – August 11th – all house present

August 12 – 15th – Recruitment

August 16th – Bid Day!

Skit Night is August 10th at 5:30 and 7:30…invitations will begin being mailed next week.

Thank you in advance, sisters!! We are so excited for Recruitment 2011!!

EA Recruitment Advisors,

Jeanie, Kirby, Alex and Julie

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