Epsilon Alpha Recruitment 2011 Work Week and Recruitment Dates


Here are the dates for work week and recruitment! We apologize for leaving that tidbit out of our email! Please contact us for any help you want to provide for treats and snacks and if you would like to assist behind the scenes!

Contact Jeanie Butts at jeanieb59@aol.com or 650-5105.

July 28th – skit girls move in

August 1st – sophomores move in

August 2nd – juniors move in

August 4th – seniors move in

August 4th – August 11th – all house present

August 12 – 15th – Recruitment

August 16th – Bid Day!

Skit Night is August 10th at 5:30 and 7:30…invitations will begin being mailed next week.

Thank you in advance, sisters!! We are so excited for Recruitment 2011!!

EA Recruitment Advisors,

Jeanie, Kirby, Alex and Julie

Epsilon Alpha Recruitment 2011

Chi Omega Alums!

OU recruitment is just about here and we are excited! We would like to ask you all to group together and send treats to the girls during work week and recruitment to show alum support and encouragement! You can choose to send anything you want…large or small…any day/evening you like. You can send it from your group of friends/sisters, area, school, etc…If you are interested in participating, we want to make this as easy and fun as possible!

Please contact Jeanie Butts at jeanieb59@aol.com or 650-5105 and let us know what you want to bring and when you would like to send it or take it.  If your group wants to take it at a special time, we will make that happen! If you will tell us, we will be sure the girls know you are coming…and we will make time for your arrival!

Again, any ideas are good…you can plan an evening treat/snack, have something sent or anything you come up with! You can send it, take it…whatever you like!

Just let us know your plans…that way, we will not have everything arriving at the same time! The idea is to show support from the alums and to keep the girls encouraged and enthusiastic during the recruitment process. Additionally, it is an opportunity for the alums to get together and participate during this wonderful and special time! We hope that you all will get excited about this opportunity!

Also, if you are interested in helping behind the scenes during work week and recruitment, we will have some opportunities. Again, please contact Jeanie Butts for information.

We are all so proud to be Chi Omega sisters! ….let’s help share the bond of our sisterhood!  We look forward to hearing from you all!

In Chi Omega,

Epsilon Alpha Recruitment Advisors

Jeanie, Kirby, Alex and Julie

2011 Fashion for a Passion Update

A quick update on our Metro area Chi Omega fundraiser for Hearts for Hearing… Co-Chairs for this year are Elaine Jackson and Cindy Reilley.  We are excited to continue this effort and want help from each and every Sister out there!  A list of committees and chairmen will follow.  Here are the vitals…

2011 Fashion for a Passion

Event date is Wednesday, September 7th

5:30 pm to 7:30 pm

7300 Country Club Drive

in the home of Charles and Cassie Bowen

Jane Webb has once again graciously agreed to host our fashion show with the latest looks from CK & Co.  We will be raffling some really nice items in addition.  The format of the event will remain the same with a cocktail buffet preceding the style show.

Ticket pricing is the same as in years past at $50.00 in advance; $60.00 at the door.  It is due to the generosity of our sponsors and donors that we are able to keep the ticket price stable!

We will be mailing invitations in early August but until then please mark your calendar.  This event is open to (and well attended) by everyone…so pass the word!  If you would like someone included on our invitation list or know of a potential sponsor (no amount is too small)…please contact Elaine or Cindy.

Our hope is that 2011 will be a record year for the Metro area Chi Omegas and friends to turn out in support of Hearts for Hearing.  Let’s keep helping the award-winning team of hearing health professionals as they help those with hearing loss!!

Thanks, in advance, for your support!

Elaine Jackson  e.s.jackson@sbcglobal.net 

Cindy Reilley  reilley_cindy@yahoo.com   405-286-9188